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We are open to cooperation with high quality and passionate dance teachers and dancers of different styles who are willing to grow together with us. 


Teacher Slava

My name is Slava and I’m a teacher of Latin, Ballroom, and American Smooth dancing styles. I have been related to the dancing world since I was 6, and during my dancing journey of 33 years till year 2023 (the year when we establish Ballatin Dance Studio) I had a great opportunity to learn from the best teachers all over the world. After retirement as a professional dancer, I’m still learning and sharing my knowledge, taking dancing as the science to help students to reach their potential in full, involving bodies, minds, and souls in process. Everyone is unique, that’s why it’s a lot of ways to express dancing in different ways, shapes etc.

Besides my passion to teach, here are some of my achievements during my dancing career.

As a Professional Dancer:

–           3rd in World Professional Latin Showcase Championship

–           3rd in Professional Open European Latin Championship

–           Vice-Champion of Poland in Professionals 10 dances (Ballroom and Latin),

–           A soloist of Ukrainian Professional Ballroom and Latin Dance Theatre

As a Teacher:

–           Certified teacher of Ballroom, Latin, American Smooth and Rhythm by USA, UK, and Ukraine dance organizations.

–           World recognized Associate degree of Ballroom and Latin Dances

–           Winner and Finalist of major Pro-Am Championships in Europe, UK, USA, Mid Asia, Asia

–           Over 20 years of teaching experience

–           Licensed adjudicator since 2012

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Teacher Dasha

Hi everyone!

I’m Dasha and I’ve been dancing since I turned 4. As a professional ballroom dancer in the past, I’m very passionate about Latin dance. And I was very excited in 2008 when I discovered bachata. I had an excellent opportunity to learn this dance from world stars such as Ataca and Alemana, Daniel and Desiree, Gatica, Alex Ruis, Ronald and Alba, and other well-known Spanish bachata couples. Bachata is the number one social dance that you can learn. By knowing some basic steps and movements, you open your path to dance parties, interesting people, and new opportunities. The most enjoyable thing about social dances is that there are no age limits or strict requirements, and it’s all about the love of dancing. 



I love integrating different movements from several dances into basic bachata with Cuban spice. The only teacher in Hong Kong who won the footwork competition, run by Ataca and Alemana in 2013. Once you try it, you won’t stop dancing.


Teacher Coobie

I’m Coobie, a street dancer and teacher.

12 years of dance experience.

Majoring in Hip-hop.

I have studied Jazz, Waacking, breaking and freestyle et.

In 2010, when I was confused about my life, dancing made me see the dawn, let me see that there is something in life called a dream, and let me learn what perseverance is. I also tried different kinds of dances constantly, and experienced the diversity of each dance, which opened up my different perspective on life.

As a teacher, it is dance that brings me the hope of life, so I always have a vision in my heart, hoping that I can bring the best teaching to students, so that students can experience the content in the simplest and clearest way, and learn how to stick to it and experience a sense of accomplishment.


Contemporary Teacher Katrina

My name is Katrina and I am a professional dancer and teacher for Contemporary.


I started to learn and contact dance when I was 16, and during my university dancing journey, I tried different body movements a lot, such as Latin, Ballroom dance, Ballet, Tai chi and Wing Chun. I find the most common ground in these.


I’m still learning and researching after retirement as a professional dancer. I pay more attention to the relationship between breathing and movement in the body, when we are moving our own body. How to observe and listen? How to move our own body? How to look after our own emotions? How to create? We will share in our class and experience these together.


Besides my passion to teach, here are some of my achievements during my dancing career.


As a professional dancer


Ø  “Mental Flow” —— Dancer And Choreographer

This work is part of the experimental improvisation scene of “Limb Linkage” in Yang Yan’s solo exhibition Mental Flow which is using body, light and shadow, installation, and live soundtrack to present.


Ø  漠河 (Mohe)” —— Choreographer

Beijing Dance Academy dance art “Academy Award’ national standard dance work Mohe got the Outstanding Performance Award and Choerographer Award.


Ø  Macao artist residency exchange program “Landless-Dance and Video Experiment” performance —— Dancer

This project was completed in Nanning, Guangxi.


Ø  “Animals body Peel off” —— Dancer and Choreographer

This is an immersive physical theater work, premiered in Nanning, Guangxi.


Ø  十八里红 (red light in the dust)” —— Choerographer

This is a group dance work of national standard dance, which was performed at the Culture and Art Festival of Guangxi Arts Institute.


Ø  我,是我,才是我—— Dancer

This work participated in the SHOWCASE of the 2020 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Dance Week and was exhibited in Shenzhen.


Ø  一个正常的不正常人的自述 (Autobiography of a normal abormal person) “ —— Dancer and Choerographer

This is a performance art work, performed on the street in Nanning, Guangxi.



As a teacher


Ø  Over 3 years of teaching experience in Greater Bay Area











Teacher Jenny

I am Jenny, a passionate dancer with over 17 years of experience in Chinese Dance, proficient in various forms including classical, folk, and contemporary dance.

My journey with dance began when I was just a child, fascinated by the grace and power of Chinese classical dance. The fluidity of the movements, the elegance of the gestures, and the deep cultural significance resonated with me. I chose Chinese classical dance because it felt like a language that allowed me to express myself in ways words never could. It was a connection to my heritage, a celebration of history and tradition, wrapped in the beauty of art.

 Major Achievement:

• Ranked fourth nationally in the competition of High-Level Art Troupe of Peking University 2022.

• Solo dancer in an event by The People’s Daily – the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Hong Kong’s Return.

• Choreographer and performer at solo dance on Bilibili with half of million views.

• Runner-up title in the 2021 HK New TV Dance Competition.

• Solo performer at many cultural events (HKU Graduation Ceremony, the Alumni High Table Dinner etc).


The dance floor is a canvas where everyone can paint their unique stories, and I’m committed to helping my students explore their potential and express their creativity. Taking my classes, you will add flexibility, strength, and balance to your body through dancing. I believe that every student brings a unique perspective to the dance floor, and I am committed to tailoring my course content to reflect this diversity. I look forward to guiding you through your dance journey, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, refining your skills.

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