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About US

Our classes are available for different ages and dancing levels, providing possibilities to hone the skills during our practice session.

We developed the APP for our studio to make the booking process easier and create a platform to link with all our students. Ballatin aims to provide systematic learning system for both kids and adults to have our members learn in the most efficient way.

If you (and/or your kid(s)) would seek for a professional path of dancing, Ballatin is the right place! With our professional and high quality teachers, we will equip you (and/or your kid(s)) with solid fundamental skills and develop the great potential of you (and/or your kid(s)). We will accompany you and support you (and/or your kid(s)) all the way with your professional path at the national and international competitions.

If you would like to enrich daily life, we believe dancing is a good choice. It can not only help you (and/or your kid(s)) get relaxed from the busy and routine life, but also increase self-esteem for sure. Your life may even become totally different because of dancing. Dancing will start a whole new exciting world for you!


Our mission

We would like to create a community with energy and passion, where everyone can come together, dance together, practice together and grow together!

We try to provide affordable service for all students and we are running certain open classes each month for kids and adults for free and willing to support families with financial difficulties to cultivate their kids’ sense of art.

We are devoted to contribute to the dancing industry in Hong Kong, which we truly believe beneficial for all of us.


Our vision

To build up systematic and efficient educational system for dancing, to help people establish the self-esteem in the long run and to help you achieve the best of yourself!

Upcoming events

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